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welding supplies news 14.03.2012

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

So the MIG welding section in the online welding supplies shop has just got a lot bigger.

Due to demand i have decided to add some of the more economically priced machines to my range. These welders have always been available via the shop but not online.

I have always backed the more mainstream welding plant manufacturers, such as Murex, Migatronic and Thermal Dynamics, but the economic climate  now demands the more budget driven welders to be included.  Now if you run a company that uses MIG welders as the tools for its main earning stream, i would recommend that you stick to the the aforementioned. That said i have put the bigger machines in the budget ranges into some pretty harsh, and heavy use enviroments and they have held up well.

I would say though that this range is more suited to the welder that doesnt need to weld all day every day, motor bodyshops, garages, fitters etc.

What i have done though is made sure that the price of these units hasnt been at the expense of the  vital requirements of a MIG welder,  a good wire feed mechanism,  a  decent rectifier and the use of a euro torch.

Recently I was able to give the SIP ideal 301 inverter MIG welder a bit of a workout. Now this does seem to be a welder punching above its cost bracket. The infinately variable voltage selection made for setting a suitable and quality weld condition so easy.  Its high duty cycle should never have been threatened by the work it was going to do, and it wasn’t, it just welded consistently and faultlessly all day.   £650 for a 250Amp MIG/MMA inverter  welder with  a 60% duty cycle at 220Amps, well done SIP.