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Ok so this is day one for the Micraft welding supplies news feed.   It looks like today will be spent mainly repairing a variety of machines.  Yesterday i put a whole new range of automatic welding helmets on to the online shop. These include the Esab new tech, the Esab Aristo and the Esab origo welding helmets.  I also reorganised the page so that finding the appropriate consumables for the helmets is easier. Also I have  added split pack quantities of fluxed brazing rod the the shop. With the cost of  these consumables rising all the time I feel this may help customers not wishing to buy 2.5kg at a time.  I think I may do this with more of my welding supplies, as the costs can be making the light user have to think twice about pursuing their diy or hobby welding projects.

On the cost of  welding supplies, it was nice this time to actually not  have an increase in the MIG wire price, at last a couple of tonnes of wire with no price rise!  on the other hand the ‘alloy surcharge’ on stainless steel is now nearly as much as the product itself, oh we manufacturers have it so easy dont we??

As well as the news on my welding supplies side, as time allows, i hope to be able to log some welding tips and advice on the other feed on the site, but as you will appreciate there is only so much time i can sit in front of my laptop without getting a little stir crazy.

So to end this first effort i will give the first tip…

With the welding machine technology developing, the inside of your handy little welding inverter is a mass of very sensitive electronics, and probably(in fact definitely!) wont put up with the same abuse as the old transformer, air or oil cooled welders. Yesterday I had an inverter welder brought into me, on removing the case I found it to be completely full of pungent barn fodder, every transistor bank and PCB glogged up with goo.  On this occasion no damage was done, but i have seen far better machines than this fail due to the dust and things that the welding environment can produce building up inside, so every now and then take the case off and give it a good blow out.

Oh and back to the inverter that came in.. the green and yellow wire is the earth, the brown is the live and the blue is the neutral, a reminder that some machines are dangerous when they arrive for repair.

More from the world of welding supplies soon,  happy welding


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