welding supplies news 04.04.2012

Oh dont I love the end of March in the world of Welding supplies, not only month end, its VAT quarter end and financial year end, paperwork, paperwork and a stock take.  Wonderful!

Counting MIG contact tips, abrasive discs, helmet cover lenses and glasses, MIG shrouds, TIG ceramics,Tungstens, rulers, tape measures, and so on and so on, the trouble with trying to supply a comprehensive range of welding supplies,  is counting a comprehensive range of welding supplies.

The new MIG welder range has gone down well in the online catalogue, and it seems there may be more power to add.  A couple of other welding plant manufacturers have been in touch, so once I have put their welding machine ranges through their paces, I may just add some more.

In the shop, I think due to both economic pressure and the fact i have reduced the price to £60, the argon gas economiser has been very popular.  These units can save 50% of the normal gas lost in welding processes due to the rise in pressure behind the solonoid and with the price of welding gases rising all the time, it doesnt take long for the economiser to pay for itself .

There have been a good number of welding machines and plasma cutters repaired in the last month.  As usual ranging from the most basic, to the welding plant at the front of todays technologies.  One  repair brings me to this welding supplies blogs cost saving tip… we all know that plasma torch consumables can be expensive, to help cut down this cost fit a good quality filter to the rear of your plasma cutter.  I always recommend that a Thermal dynamics filter is fitted to any plasma cutter sold, regardless of make.  It cleans the air to a very fine level extending the life of the torch and its consumables.  Plus while we are on the subject of Plasma torches,  replace the tips and electrodes at the recommended point. Use beyond this can cause damage to the plasma torch head, and thats when it gets really expensive.

On the MIG welding repair side here is another thing to look out for.. some MIG welding wire is supplied on wire baskets. While you are welding these baskets become live with the welding power.  If the MIG wire hub is a little worn, or the panels of the machine out of shape, the turning wheel can come into contact with the case of the welder eventually rubbing through the paint and arcing out. As well as causing problems with the pefrormance of the welder it can cause damage to the control pcbs etc.  So have a look inside your MIG welder, if you are using wire caged rolls of MIG wire,  check this isn’t going to happen to you soon.  Thats why my standard MIG wire is always supplied on plastic reels.

Happy welding     M.

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