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Gas Equipment

Micraft carry a full range of gas process equipment, whether welding, brazing, cutting or heating we have the product.

 Brands such as Esab, Victor, Harris and HI-LO are all available.

 Single stage regulators

 Multi stage regulators

 Flashback arrestors

 Hose sets

 Cutting torches

 Welding/brazing shanks

 Cutting attachments

 Cutting nozzles

 Heating nozzles

 Thermal lancing

 Arcair systems


CP7 Oxy/fuel inspections

It is requirement under the  Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 The Acetylene Safety Regulations 2015 and The Management of Health & Saftey at Work regulations 1999, that an Employer SHALL have,  at least once a year, an inspection carried out by an accredited inspector to ensure the equipment meets the standard set out by the BCGA.

 At Micraft we can do those inspections.

 Contact Mike on 01749 899477

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